7 Tips to Stay Warm Without Turning up the Heat

7 Tips to Stay Warm Without Turning up the Heat

As the cooler weather starts to arrive, it’s easy to simply rely on our heaters to keep us warm. However, to help you save a few bucks here’s seven things we recommend you do first:

• Layer up – start to reach into your winter wardrobe, adding extra layers of clothing or warmer fibres back into your style

• Become besties with your blanket - use it while you’re hanging out on the couch and pop it on top of your bed for extra warmth

• Heat it up – for days when you’re really feeling the chill, turn to a heat pack or hot water bottle for extra warmth

• Sneaky wind – check your home for any areas where wind may be sneaking in and do what you can to fix these. Door snakes are an easy solution for doorways, whereas windows will generally need to be resealed. Make sure you let your property agent or owner know about these, so they are fixed before the weather gets any colder.

• Keep them closed – close the doors to any rooms you’re not using, such as the bathroom and laundry

• Hail the sun – no, not literally. But when the sun is out, make sure your curtains or blinds are open, so the natural warmth can trickle through

• Check the temperature – just to ensure no one is playing tricks on you, check your central heating or reverse cycle temperature setting is appropriate (our sweet spot is 21°C).


As a bonus little tip, if you find that you have absolutely exhausted all other options and reach for that heater dial, be sure to keep the temperature at around 21°C or lower. If you set the temperature higher than that, you'll find that your energy bill can increase very quickly.


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